Hello, favorite people!

Wowowowowowow! It’s been a whole year since we’ve started streaming and it’s been a crazy, fun, amazing, and rewarding ride each step of the way. If you’ve been here since the beginning, you’ve seen us struggle with equipment and learning the ropes. Now not only do we have a better quality of production, with our green room that handles Mixed-Reality VR, and designated streaming computer, we also released a podcast, tabled at conventions, collaborated with content creators, and that’s just a glimpse into what we have planned for the future.

We are so, so happy to announce the development of our team! We are bringing on Austin (Restinpeace120) as a video editor and Damien (Pseudoscopic) as a writer. They are amazing at what they do and we wouldn’t have asked them if we didn’t believe in the quality of their work. We are so grateful and excited to have such dedicated, hardworking, and just super amazing peeps to be a part of the team!

In addition to that, we are establishing game-specific groups to join us on our streams. After playing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for the first time, we very quickly established a group: Banana Squad. You can expect to see this squad roll around the island of PUBG. We are also establishing a new streaming day to the schedule! This will be a little bit more casual than the Monday, Thursday streams (much like the Sunday VR streams) but will be dedicated on a very specific playstyle in Final Fantasy XIV. We will be forming an unofficial guild of sorts based around the McElroy Brothers well received D&D Live Play Podcast, The Adventure Zone. There will be a designated facebook group and discord group to organize these streams, and we ask that not only must you have FFXIV, but to also be a fan of The Adventure Zone to join. Otherwise, we have characters not related to TAZ to play with if anyone wanted to join us for a more casual dungeon run.

But that’s not all! We are also releasing a new podcast! That’s right, in addition to Buffer Buddies our live movie viewing party podcast, we have a more structured podcast in the works titled “Earth Makers Union.” I won’t go into it just yet, but based on the name alone, what do you think it’s about? Let us know in the comments!

We will also have new goodies for TwitchCon and some fun stuff for you if you wanted to hang out with us during.
We will also be at Long Beach Comic Con courtesy of Cal State Fullerton’s CTVA (Cinema & Television Arts) Department club “Inside the Movies.”

They’re an amazing club on campus with networks that span across animators, directors, writers, and more from big titles from Marvel, Disney, Paramount, Sony, and much much more. And they’re almost always doing giveaways! (I won a Spiderman: Homecoming art book SIGNED from them once!) Give them a follow on facebook here. If you’re local and enrolled at Cal State Fullerton, I highly recommend joining the club if you love movies or the entertainment industry. I’ve personally been to a few of their screenings and they have special guests who have worked on the project come in for you to meet and ask questions! The offer advance screenings sometimes too!

Thank you so much for sticking with us thus far. We will be building my (Tiffany’s) gaming PC soon so expect even more gameplay from us! It honestly could not have survived this long without the love and support from our community.

We are also offering UpDownLeftDie T-Shirts to anyone who throws a viewing party for one of our live streams! If you gather a group of at least 4 friends to watch our stream LIVE (Monday or Thursday), tweet a photo of all of you just before the show for proof, and we’ll send the organizer a shirt!
Join our discord at discord.me/udld to let us know if you’re organizing a party!

Upcoming Events:

  • Aug. 25th – San Diego, CA: PokeOasis hosted by Video Game Connection
  • Sep. 2nd – 3rd  Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Comic Con
  • Sep. 30 Pasadena, CA: Nerdbot Con

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