We use Phantombot for our bot and commands in Twitch and Discord chat.

A list of core bot commands can be found here (note not all commands may be enabled):

Sub Audio Commands

Below is a list of custom commands for twitch:

Command Output
!99There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life…
!7pmWhat time is 7 PM PT where you live? Check here:
!alreadydead(alert already_dead.webp,5,0.4,top: 50%;position: absolute;left:50%;height:75%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%))
!amelie(playsound (readfilerand sfx-amelie.txt))
!artistsCheck out all the artists featured during our stream:
!audibleHelp support the stream and get a free audio book, Audible trial:
!auntydonnaTime till Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun Season 2: (countdown November 09 2021 23:59:59 GMT+0000)
!baby(playsound (readfilerand sfx-baby.txt))
!banpaintingPaintingAllNight should have been banned (count) times
!bbburgerWelcome to Big Bang Burger, open twenty-four hours a day because there's no day or night in space!
!bufferbuddiesBloom stop it, it's not a command
!calicojackAre you UpDownLeftDead? Revive yourself with some Calico Jack Coffee available at https://udld.rock/coffee and use coupon code UDLDSUB to save 10% off your subscription!
!charityWe're streaming to support Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC):
!clapping(alert clapping.gif,5.5,1,top: 50%;position: absolute;left:50%;height:80%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%); transition: all 1s ease)
!clipcontestWin up to $30 in our clip contest:
!commandsCheck our website for a list of commands:
!corgiparty<3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 (useronly=corgiparty)
!discordWe're using Guilded instead of Discord (it's way better)! Join here:
!donateDonate to support life-saving cancer research:
!extensionHelp support us while automatically applying discounts with our Chrome/Firefox extension:
!extralifeYou can donate to our Extra Life: or join our team:
!facebookFollow us on Facebook!
!fcJared: SW-5034-2683-2235
!ffzWant to use ALL our custom emotes? Install FFZ & FFZ:AP
!focusingJared and/or Tiff are focused on the game and will return to chat soon!
!friend?Don't forget the ThumbsUp ! (playsound inbetweeners_friend)
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!gifs/me Sub-only gif commands: !clapping !alreadydead (send us your ideas for more)
!githubOur open source code:
!giveaway$50 Giveaway at the end of this stream! Stick around to enter!
!greenroomWe have our own green room! Check out the reveal
!guestFollow "All Hell Breaks Loops":
!guildedJoin our Guilded server, it's like Discord but better!
!honk(playsound (readfilerand sfx-honk.txt))
!humblebundleYou can get over $100 in games for just $12 a month:
!hypeupdownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype
!incentSee an Incent code on stream? Redeem it for cryptocurrency with the mobile app: AND if you're a STREAMER sign up for Incent for your streams:
!incentstreamerAre you a streamer and want to reward your viewers? Check out Incent:
!instagramFollow us to see funny videos on Instagram!
!intotheamNeed some cool clothes? Use our special link for 10% off INTO THE AM
!joyrideSign up and play games to win prizes with us on Joyride:
!kiln(playsound (readfilerand sfx-kiln.txt)) (alert hot.gif,8,1,position: absolute;left:35%; top: 80%;height:60%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%); transition: all 1s ease)
!kofiWant to see more cosplay? All funds from Ko-fi go to support cosplay!
!lurkupdownLurk Enjoy your lurk deadizen! updownLurk
!mawSave 10% on MAW Energy with our link:
!meanJared has done something mean to @PaintingAllNight (count) times.
!meetupAre you in Southern California? Join our meetup group:
!meowlMeet Sunny! He's a Meowl, a half cat, half bird species that looooves eating fish sticks! You can create your own Meowl in the panels below using a million (not really a million) combinations!
!mudMudwtr is a spiced chai tea with chocolate to wake you up and help you focus!
!multitwitchWatch both of our stream:
!myboy(playsound (readfilerand sfx-abandon-boy.txt))
!myson(playsound (readfilerand sfx-my-son.txt))
!naruto(playsound (readfilerand sfx-naruto.txt))
!nodecraftWe're official Nodecraft partners! Get 30% off with code: updownleftdie https://udld.rock/nodecraft
!pg13(playsound (readfilerand sfx-pg13.txt))
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!potato(playsound (readfilerand sfx-potato.txt))
!primeSubscribe for free with Twitch Prime get a FREE trial:
!questmodeEarn channel subscriptions and even money while supporting us for FREE! Checkout Quest Mode:
!quickstartLooking to get into streaming? Check out our guide:
!quotesWant to lookup our funny quotes? Go Here:
!rainmakerFor every $1 (subs or bits) it will RAIN "real" money on us! Usually scaring us in the process! updownLol
!redcardSave 5% off at Target with RedCard:
!runeRUNE II with the new Lazarus Update is available on Epic Games:
!sfx(Sub-only) SFX commands:
!shirtsLike Jared's shirt? You can get your own!
!socialFollow us while we're not streaming:
!songbouncerCheck out my song request bot you can use for any game including Beat Saber!
!steamJoin our Steam group!
!streamcaptainJoin the battle with us at:
!subSupport us by becoming a sub! https://udld.rock/subscribe
!subraidupdownHey UpDownLeftHi
!swagYou can get UDLD shirts and stickers from
!synapseSynapse is a healthy energy drink alternative. It's delicious and lightly sparkling, with a ginger/asian pear flavor. You can save 10% off with our link
!tiktokFollow us on TikTok!
!tipYou can Tip to us using this link
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!top100Top 100 Users:
!trdsCheck out the game and use creator code: UPDOWNLEFTDIE
!triggerwordsJared's Trigger words include: Discord, ghosts, horoscopes, anything antivax, tarot cards, Ouija board, homeopathic stuff, conspiracy theories, PaintingAllNight (Not seriously)
!tweetWe would appreciate it if you tweeted about us! Here's a template you can use
!twitterlinkFollow us on Twitter!
!uptime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been online for (uptime)
!websiteOur website, blog, and shop can be found here:
!weee(playsound (readfilerand sfx-weee.txt))
!whatitdo(playsound (readfilerand sfx-what-it-do.txt))
!wishlistOur Amazon Wish List:
!youtubeSubscribe to us on YouTube:
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