We use Phantombot for our bot and commands in Twitch and Discord chat.

A list of core bot commands can be found here (note not all commands may be enabled):

Below is a list of custom commands for twitch:

Command Output
!7pmWhat time is 7 PM PT where you live? Check here:
!8pmWhat time is 8pm PT where you live? Check here:
!alreadydead(alert already_dead.webp,5,0.4,top: 50%;position: absolute;left:50%;height:75%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%))
!artistsCheck out all the artists featured during our stream:
!audibleHelp support the stream and get a free audio book, Audible trial:
!bufferbuddiesCheck out our Podcast: Buffer Buddies at . (customapijson {The next movie night is } start_time_human {and we're watching: "} movie_title {"})
!calicojackAre you UpDownLeftDead? Revive yourself with some Calico Jack Coffee available at https://udld.rock/coffee and use coupon code UDLDSUB to save 10% off your subscription!
!charityWe're streaming to support cancer research with Stand Up To Cancer:
!clapping(alert clapping.gif,5.5,1,top: 50%;position: absolute;left:50%;height:80%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%))
!clipcontestWin up to $30 in our clip contest:
!commandsCheck our website for a list of commands:
!corgiparty<3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 CorgiDerpHD <3 (useronly=corgiparty)
!discordChat with us on Discord
!donateDonate to support life-saving cancer research:
!extensionHelp support us while automatically applying discounts with our Chrome extension:
!extralifelinkYou can donate to our Extra Life: or join our team:
!facebookFollow us on Facebook!
!ffzWant to use ALL our custom emotes? Install FFZ & FFZ:AP
!focusJared and/or Tiff are focused on the game and will return to chat soon!
!friend?Don't forget the ThumbsUp ! (playsound friend)
!game(pointtouser) (gameinfo)
!gifs/me Sub-only gif commands: !clapping !alreadydead (send us your ideas for more)
!githubOur open source code:
!giveawayWe're giving away STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order this month:
!greenroomWe have our own green room! Check out the reveal
!guestFollow "All Hell Breaks Loops":
!humblebundleYou can get over $100 in games for just $12 a month:
!hypeupdownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype updownHype
!incentSee an Incent code on stream? Redeem it for cryptocurrency:
!incentstreamerAre you a streamer and want to reward your viewers? Check out Incent:
!instagramFollow us to see funny videos on Instagram!
!intotheamNeed some cool clothes? Use our special link for 10% off INTO THE AM
!kofiWant to see more cosplay? All funds from Ko-fi go to support cosplay!
!lurkupdownLurk Enjoy your lurk deadizen! updownLurk
!meetupAre you in Orange County, CA? Join our meetup group:
!muppet(alert tiffany_muppet.gif,4,1,top: 50%;position: absolute;left:50%;height:70%;width:auto; transform: translateX(-50%) translateY(-50%))
!nodecraftWe're official Nodecraft partners! Get 30% off with code: updownleftdie https://udld.rock/nodecraft
!playtime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been playing (game) for (playtime)
!questmodeEarn channel subscriptions and even money while supporting us for FREE! Checkout Quest Mode:
!quickstartLooking to get into streaming? Check out our guide:
!quotesWant to lookup our funny quotes? Go Here:
!rainmakerFor every $1 (subs or bits) it will RAIN "real" money on us! Usually scaring us in the process! updownLol
!runeRUNE II with the new Lazarus Update is available on Epic Games:
!sfx/me Sub-only sfx commands: !airhorn !awbeans !island !hospital !joker !myson !no !shrimpheaven !computer !ohboy !dog !golfclap !died !littleone !what (send us your ideas for more)
!shirtsGet your UDLD shirts now!
!socialFollow us while we're not streaming:
!steamJoin our Steam group!
!streamcaptainJoin the battle with us at:
!subSupport us by becoming a sub! https://udld.rock/subscribe
!supportupdownLoved You got this Tiffany! You can defeat these zombies! updownLoved (gameonly=Resident Evil 2)
!swagYou can get UDLD shirts and stickers from
!synapseSynapse is a healthy energy drink alternative. It's delicious and lightly sparkling, with a ginger/asian pear flavor. You can save 10% off with our link
!tiktokFollow us on TikTok!
!tipYou can Tip to us using this link
!title(pointtouser) (titleinfo)
!top100Top 100 Users:
!trdsCheck out the game and use creator code: UPDOWNLEFTDIE
!tripleairhorn(playsound tripleairhorn)
!tweetWe would appreciate it if you tweeted about us! Here's a template you can use
!twitterlinkFollow us on Twitter!
!uptime(pointtouser) (channelname) has been online for (uptime)
!websiteOur website, blog, and shop can be found here:
!wishlistOur Amazon Wish List:
!youtubeSubscribe to us on YouTube:
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