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Looking for ways to support the stream? Aww, you're too kind!
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    • Nothing means more to us than getting your friends to watch, listen, and follow. This is #1 in our fleshy blood sacks.
  • Audible Trial
    • Listen to books!? We get a tip if you sign up or something.
  • Gawkbox
    • Download games and app, we get tips.
    • Suggestions:
      • FFXV: A New Empire
        • Get to level 21 and we’ll send you a UDLD shirt!
      • Angry Birds 2
  • Loots
    •  We get tips based on # of viewers during live streams (so do it when views are high). We’ll read your message and give you a shout out.
  • Wear our stuff!
    • If you have a shirt, wristband, stickers, or other apparel. WEAR THAT SHIIII….rt. The brand exposure helps, like a lot.
      Plus you look dope. Just look at you right now!
  • Come to the stream
    • You know, maybe? We understand that not everyone can make every stream but this is what drives us. We love our regulars and we love our chatters even more! Just being there encourages others!
  • Add us to your Autohost
  • Click these links every day (or bookmark them. We have them open with our browser!)



  • Subscribe on Twitch
    • Subscribe for some extra benefits. We’ll put you on pretty high priority for our Autohost and will do giveaways for every 5 subs we get.
    • Really cool clothing! Use coupon code UDLD for 10% off!
  • Humble Bundle
    • Monthly – Great games for under $12 a month! Subscribe for 12 months and get 1-month free!
    • Store – Buy games, support charities! Every purchase supports a charity. Often have the same sales as Steam. Some games are even DRM Free!
  • Buy our stuff!
  • Buy us stuff (from our Amazon Wishlist)
    • Equipment is expensive. It really helps us out if you pick us up something that we can use to improve the stream!
  • Tips (StreamElements)
    • Every bit helps