Sound Commands

Sub-Only Commands

!amelieMBMBAMOne of many Amelie quotes by Justin
!auroraborealisSimpsonsChalmers: “Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?”
!awbeansTiffany“aww beans”
!babySimpsons“Baby Baby aw Lemon” or “Baby Baby Pirate? No no, wait! Pirates are wild!”
!bestfriendThe RoomJohnny: “I’m so happy I have you as my best friend”
!classicalgasSimpsonsLenny: “Now do classical gas!”
! launch party“uh, yeah uh… what.. is… a …computer?”
!diedTiffany“I DIED!”
!dogJared“I am a dog! BOP BOP BOP!”
!doggyThe RoomJohnny: “Hi doggy”
!duelYugioh“ITS TIME TO D-D-D-D-DUEL!”
!fastAmerican DadStan: “He’s picking up so much speed!”
!friend?The Inbetweeners“Don’t forget the thumbs up! Aw friend! Friend Friend! Best friends forever and ever”
!helloMBMBAMJustin as Amelie: “Helloooooooo”
!honkUntitled Goose GameGoose: “Honk”
!hospitalG.I. Joe PSA“I want someone to take me to the hospital”
!islandJared“Get off my island! You guys!”
!jokerJaredThe Joker laugh impression
!letmeinEric Andre“Let me in! LET ME IIIIIIIN”
!lighting or !thunderEgoraptorAsh: “Use your bolt of lighting!” or “Pikachu use your thunder smash!”
!littleoneJared“Ahh little one! I wasn’t expecting you”
!lyingSimpsonsNed: “No! No! You’re lying! You’re lying! What makes you lie!”
!myboyMiddleditch and Schwartz“Abandon your boy!”
!mysonTiffany“My son!”
!nakedSimpsonsFlanders: “Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!”
!nerdSimpsonHomer: “NEEEEEEERRRRRRD”
!noTiffany“No! oh. NO!”
!nortedProZD“Aqua got norted!”
!ohboyTiffany“Oh boy!”
!pg13ProZD“That sounds vaguely inappropriate” or “That is definitely inappropriate”
!pikachuEgoraptorPikachu: “PIKACHU!”
!potofgreedYugioh VR“I summon Pot of Greed to draw three additional cards from my deck!”
!sexySimpsonsHomer: “Stupid sexy Flanders!”
!shrimpheavenMBMBAMJustin: “SHRIMP! HEAVEN! NOW!”
!shutupMBMBAM TV ShowGrifin: “SHUT– SHUTUP”
!smrtSimpsonsHomer: “S-M-R-T I mean S-M-A-R-T”
!spriteMBMBAM TV ShowGrifin: “My name is Sprite Pepsi!”
!stelioAmerican Dad*Stelio Kontos song*
!steponmeProZD“I want her to step on me!”
!swordMBMBAM TV ShowGrifin: “I wanna– I also want a sword!”
!trickTony Hawk’s Pro Skater
!uhSimpsonsSkinner: “Ye–ye–you know– one thing I– excuse me for one second”
!whatTiffany“W-wha is-uuuhhh ohhh uuhhh”
!whatdoyouevendoEgoraptorPikachu: “What do you even do!?”
!whatitdoYugioh VRKiba: “That’s what it do Yugi!” or Joey: “That does what it do”
!whatshappeningSimpsonsChalmers: “Good lord! What is happening in there!?”
!yesSimpsonsSkinner: “Yes”
!yousureG.I. Joe PSA“You sure about that?”

Mod only commands

!alertPersona 5Social Link sound
!brokenMario KartToad falling
!tripleairhornLike !airhorn but more “horny” wait I mean-