About Us


Jared Kotoff

Jared Kotoff

Co-Creator & Technical

Software Engineer and Horder of games.

Jared is the technical and analytical mind behind UDLD. With a collection of over 1100 games and the skills needed to always put on an impressive show.

Tiffany Tran

Tiffany Tran

Co-Creator & Editor

The life of the party!

Tiffany does all the video editing for UDLD. Her bubbly personality, when mixed with Jared’s dark sense of humor, is an explosion in comedy like you’ve never seen.
Tiffany also enjoys things.

Team Members

Austin Barbian

Austin Barbian

Video Editor & Twitch Moderator

Keeper of the deaths and quotes

Austin is a fellow twitch streamer, filmmaker, sound designer, and boom operator. He currently resides in Cleveland, OH but hopes to move out to California soon to pursue his film career. He also co-owns Calico Jack Coffee Roastery.

Twitch Username: RestInPeace120

Damien Mason

Damien Mason

Writer & Twitch Moderator

Damien is a tech and gaming enthusiast, specializing in writing and journalism. Currently residing in Liverpool, United Kingdom, he also works for KitGuru.net and someday hopes to expand his content towards film and television. Other hobbies include filmmaking and streaming in the ‘spare time’ that doesn’t exist anymore!

Twitch Username: PseudoScopic

Jesse Favela

Writer & Marketing

Jesse is a tech and gaming enthusiast, specializing in Advertising. He lives in a suburb outside of Los Angeles and enjoys having access to the best of OC and LA county. He wants to create an entertainment lounge where people can be exposed to the future of technology, gaming, and fun. He is a dog lover.

Twitch Username: Favalava