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Fri 22nd Feb, 2019 8:00pm (PST)

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EP76 – Daddy Day Care: Grand Theft Auto 5 The Movie

Rating Review 10/10 Hungry Pants -Tiffany  3/10 My Bodies -Jared  1/10 Six Flags Old Men -Restinpeace120 5/10 Mentioning Not Mentioning The Movies -Juria Guria Next episode will be Sister Act If you want to join the cast or just listen to the live recording of Buffer...

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EP75 – Mrs. Doubtfire: James Bond Hunts Matilda

Rating Review 10/10 Run By Fruitings -Totally Tiffany  5/10 Flattened Faces -Just Jared  10/10 Changing Scenes -chrisalberti123 6/10 Nightly Face Cake Rituals -codergeek42  10/10 Spandex Bean Bodysuits -Restinpeace120 Next episode will be School of Rock If you want to...

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EP74 – Johnny Mnemonic: Choose your own Keanu Reeves

10/10 Rock Juice -Totally Tiffany 5/10 Brain Gangs -Captain Nikkolai 10/10 VR Headset -ChrisAlberti 1/10 Dolphin CPU's -respectinpeace120 3/10 Bwaybay Cwying Voice -Just Jared 10/10 Ice Tea Performances -Favalava  Next episode will be Mrs. DoubtFire If you want to...

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