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Fri 12th Jul, 2019 8:00pm (PDT)

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Beverly Hills Ninja: The Switch Is Better Than the N64 – EP87

Rating  Review  10/10  Writer Celebrities -Tiffany  8/10  White Ninjas -Restinpeace120 7/10  Wizard Presidents of Memeland -Jared 10/10  Dead Bees -Favalava   Next episode will be Geostorm If you want to join the cast or just listen to the live recording of Buffer...

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Game of Thrones (S08E05): Oops All Burning – EP86

Rating  Review  10/10  Soldiers Surrendering -Tiffany  10/10  Prophecies UNfulfilled -AranyaExumai  10/10  Brothers Hugging -Jared  10/10  Crazy Dragon Ladies -Restinpeace120  Next episode will be Beverly Hills Ninja If you want to join the cast or just listen to...

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Bean: Who Are These People In My Chat? – EP85

Rating  Review  10/10  Lacquer Thinner -Tiffany  10/10  Skateboard skills -AranyaExumai  10/10  Mr. Bean's facial expressions -Chrisalberti123  10/10  Alternating Vertical Claps -seichiyami  8/10  Invisible Cart Tricks -Jared  Next episode will be Beverly Hills Ninja...

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