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EP61 – Tucker & Dale vs A Very Hilarious Misunderstanding

You stupid idiot I can't believe you think that banana bread is a good bread!   9/10 B(ee) Chainsaw Massacres -Jared 10/10 Nail boards to the head -Tiffany 10/10 Popped collared Chads -aranyaexumai Next episode will be Animal HouseSuggested by u/CAlbertiMoviesBuff...

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EP62 – Animal House: Harry Potter and the Greek Parade Disaster

1/10 Greek Harry Potter characters -Restinpeace120 1.5/10 Real Bullets -Nikkolai1/10 Problematic Circumstances -aranyaexumai 10/10 Torpedo Bras -johnswartzwelder 3/10 Growlers dropped on the ground -Jared Next episode will be The Pacifier Recordings take place Fridays...

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EP59 – Miami Connection: Salami

10/10 multiracial casts in the 80's -Aranyaexumai 10/10 Ninja Fantasies -Favalava 10/10 ninja fanny packs -Recipes420 9/10 Nose Foot Grabs -Jared  Next episode will be Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Recordings take place Fridays at 8 PM PT in...

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EP58 – Jupiter Ascending: Can’t Put Queen on your Resume

Note: Had some technical issues, more than usual. So, sorry about weird jump cuts in the audio. Trying to get this figured out! -Jared10/10 Tony Hawk Wolf's Pro Skaters -Tiffany 6/10 large lipped villains -Recipes420 4/10 Shawn Bawns -Aranya 5/10 Solid gold maid...

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EP57 – Speed Racer: A Bad Version of Lazy Town

  Next episode will be Jupiter Ascending Recordings take place Fridays at 8 PM PT in our Discord: https://discord.io/udld Vote for movies on our reddit: /r/UpDownLeftDie Special thanks to Monk Turner for letting us use his song, Evaporated Eric, for our into. Produced...

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EP56 – The Ridiculous 6: Restinpeace Robbed!?

10/10 Dirty cream fingers in mouths -johnswartzwelder 6/10 Parkour Knives -Jared 2/10 BS factory donuts -aranyaexumai 6/10 Unknown Julia Junks -Juria Guria 3/10 Similar Instagram posts -Recipes420 4/10 Rubik cube proposal -Some_Dancer Next episode will be Speed Racer...

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EP55 – Turbo Kid: Better than the Prequels

5/10 Buckets of watery blood -Restinpeace120 10/10 Head torsos -Totally Tiffany 4/10 Meters of large intestines -johnswartzwelder 4/10 Arduino bombs -Just Jared 10/10 Gnome Sticks -aranyaexumai Next episode will be The Ridiculous 6 Recordings take place Fridays at 8...

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EP54 – Borat: Children of the Bean

10/10 Lawsuits against borat -Totally Tiffany10/10 Naked fat men wrestling -johnswartzwelder10/10 Fights -ChrisAlberti10 / 10 failed communist states -HotLava5/10 Mr. Bean Appreciation Days -Just Jared Next episode will be Turbo Kid Recordings take place Fridays at 9...

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