For those who are unaware of Anime Expo is one of the largest anime conventions held in the United States. People come from all over just to spend their 4th of july weekend with fellow anime lovers. In a nutshell, it’s just like comic con but for anime (of course). But unlike comic con anime expo is on a whole another level. 

For example the line to get in, is insane! There’ll be lines stretching far across the entrance with people eagerly waiting to get inside the con. But even though the temperature outside wasn’t all that great due to the heat. It didn’t stop people’s excitement at all. As a matter of fact everyone was chatting and playing games with one another. Hyping one another up till they all got inside. But once you got inside it felt like you were on the ground floor at a concert. You’d be almost bumping into people left and right if you weren’t paying attention. It’s hard to believe that the LA Convention Center could hold so many people in a space as large as that.

But once you got inside the actual convention center, it was like stepping into a whole new world. It was almost unreal with all the anime companies and business that showed up. Right off the bat you’ll see huge names like Viz Media, or Funimation just right there in front of you. It gets super easy to just get lost within all the flashy stores presented in front of you all at once. With that being said of course they had tons of amazing things you can buy, with many walking away with the latest mangas, new DVD set, exclusive toys, and even free swag bags! Needless to say in order to not spend everything you had requires a whole lot of willpower.

But that was just one hall of the convention center. Once you got over to the other side it was basically a hole new convention. It was mainly focused on gaming, but still true to the anime genre. One of the biggest things they had set up was with PUBG mobile. As well as yugioh tournaments going on at all hours of the day. So even if anime wasn’t all you went for they had plenty to keep you busy throughout the day.

Even if for some odd reason none of that was enough to get you to go the cosplays this year just like every year where breathtaking! The time that people put into these things are amazing. Seeing some of your favorite anime characters come to life is always a pleasant sight to see. To go further off that they had tones and tones of meet ups for all sorts of fandoms. So if you knew where to look you’d see some pretty neat cosplays. 

Lastly the panels they had were of course great. They had all sorts of great ones, but perhaps the one that got everyone the most excited. Was the My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode. The had a panel for just about everything. The only thing I wish they would of had was more panels even though there were a good amount, it seemed like they could of added more than what they had.

With all being said Anime Expo 2019 was a fun experience they had just about everything an anime lover could ask for. If you were on the fence about going to it this year do yourself a favor and attend next years. You won’t regret going.