Futureman is a show on Hulu and I’ve watched both seasons because they’re both pretty good. Season 1 is about multiple timelines and the shenanigans that come with trying to change the future. Season 2 is about the repercussions of one particular future being chosen. We’re waiting, but Season 3 is coming out eventually and I’m looking forward to watching Seth Rogen in what is likely a leading role. I liked Futureman because it’s self aware, geeky, culturally relevant, and funny.

Season 1 is a Time Traveling Romp

The United States’ Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon, on 20 July 1969.

This show struck a chord with people interested in sci-fi and geeky culture without full-on dedicating itself to a galactic federation. Instead, this show is about time traveling in the hopes of accomplishing a goal. What I really liked in season 1 is seeing how people from the future become accustomed to the cultures of the present time. Futureman has plenty of jokes as people misinterpret the social cues and political correctness of the day. Characters become more complex and the show questions the ethics of time travel or genetic engineering. These themes are good because the show isn’t too proud to make an entire character’s ark one long dick joke.

Season 2 is about the Complexities of 2162

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The future is changed and characters are adapting to their new world with all its perks and cons. I like this season because it’s natural follow up to a time-traveling romp. By focusing on one particular timeline, the show is able to focus on talking about important subjects of that time. The year is 2161 which presents the most futuristic version of the Futureman universe. This allows the show to talk about subjects still interesting in 2019, like the ethics of AI, the problems with space travel, and global warming.

Season 3. Will it be the season of Seth or Battle Royale?

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Season 2 was great because the finale paid homage to the time travel theme. Futureman is a comedy about time travel and for the next arc, they brought in Seth Rogen who expands upon that theme so prevalent in season 1 in 2. Season 3 is looking to be another painfully self-aware reference to gaming culture judging by the season 2 ending.

Lame, Raunchy, Geeky, Funny

Seth Rogen as Officer Michaels, in Superbad (2007)

Futureman shares a lot of the DNA of Superbad and Pineapple Express and I didn’t realize that until my second watch through. The type of comedy is very similar even across the sci-fi time traveling theme and you’ll find it if you’re looking for it. I’m glad we have this show because sci-fi comedy shows are in short supply.

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