We had a great movie night on Saturday watching ATM. It is honestly one of our favorite horror/thriller movies because of how “quality” it is (yeah, it’s horrible). Yet, we are all here waiting for a sequel to ATM or even a prequel. Or perhaps a spiritual successor. Just think, it could potentially be up there with all the Fast and The Furious and Resident Evil movies.

We also played a bit of Killing Floor 2 last week as well and discussed a lot about Dungeons and Dragons. I’m really interested in playing since I’ve never played before. What do you guys think: is that something you’d want us to stream? Do you think Jared could handle being Dungeon Master? Let us know in the comments below or during our stream!

We also want to thank everyone for their constant support and amazingly generous donations. We are constantly humbled by our community. Thank you so much!



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Our mods, restinpeace120 and PseudoScopic looking fly reppin’ UpDownLeftDie! Pictures provided by them respectively.

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  • We have a designated streaming computer on the way and we are very excited to improve the quality of the stream for you guys!

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  • Monday7:30 pm PDT: VR Night with our fan from Japan!
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  • Saturday9:00 pm PDT: Movie Night – The Fast and The Furious (click the Facebook Event to find out how to join us on our movie nights in the comfort of your own home!)

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  • Wondercon is March 31st – April 2nd in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center. We will be attending with some goodies, so come find us for some swag! (Tiffany Sat-Sun, Jared Sun)

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