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We just finished up Dead Space 3 during our Monday night stream, streaming a bit longer than usual because we just HAD to finish it. Although it’s not the best crafted game, with its recycled levels and clunky mechanics, it was extremely enjoyable over all. I’m a bit bummed out that Carver’s hallucinations never made another appearance (even though it scared me!), because it was pretty awesome and made it truly feel like a multi-player experience. It was a great way to wrap up the series and finalize the pieces of the lore.

If you tuned in, you were there for a lot of our technical mishaps, and we want to thank you so much for sticking around. But in the end, the difficulties made us strive to improve our stream so we hope we can keep bringing you better quality streams.

Did you guys enjoy watching us play it? Don’t worry if you weren’t able to catch us live. You can check out our old streams on Twitch and even older streams on YouTube. You can bet that highlights will be coming. We are still pretty backlogged, so I can’t say when those will come out, but they will!

Final Death Count for Dead Space 3:

Tiffany: 48   Jared: 22




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  • We are backlogged with some highlights, but we will try to get them out to you guys as soon as possible.
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