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Variety Gaming & Comedy Duo

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Want to make some extra cash? Here's my list of tried-and-true methods that I use every day and will keep updated! I used to be more aggressive in finding ways to make money here and there but with a full-time job and little free time I've become more restrictive in...

Does Zuckerberg Hate VR Esports?

The year is 2017 and Virtual Reality is becoming a household name after years of being inaccessible to the majority of the public. Today, Samsung is the only major smartphone manufacturer able to provide a platform for developers and consumers of virtual reality...

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We don't believe in digital poking. We are advocates of physical poking. With consent.


Selfies, food, more selfies, and more food. It's either just our faces or us stuffing our faces.


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About Us

UpDownLeftDie consists of two Southern Californian locals.