Sorry about not having a podcast last week and the reason this episode isn’t The Invention of Lying. We had an issue with the audio drivers and the recording got ruined!
Always test your stuff EVERY TIME, kids. -J

Ratings for this movie:
10/10 Oiled Bowling Lanes –@Totally Tiffany
9/10 Angry Sobchaks -Regnier
10/10 bowling balls –@ChrisAlberti
4/10 White Russians –@Just Jared
10/10 rugs that really tied the room together -johnswartzwelder
3/10 Occasions of Licking Sides of Barns –@ūüé¨PoopsyScopic
10/10 Folger can urns -seichiyami
8/10 breaking and entering instances -aranyaexumai

Next episode will be A Goofy Movie

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