Quest Mode

Tips on the best ways to complete quests on Quest Mode
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How value is calculated

Value is based on savings, or earning for streamers completing their own quests, in relation to the cost of subscribing instead of Twitch.
2000 Points = Tier 1 Subscription = $5 value for viewers or $2.50 for streamers via gifted sub.
In-App purchases will be subtracted from the total value.
For streamers: payout will be added to total value.

Example: If a quest is worth 3200 points but has a $5 IAP the value will be $5/2000 * 3200 – $5 = $3 (cheaper than subscribing on twitch!)
For a streamer:
$2.50/2000 * 3200 – $5 = -$1 (not worth it for streamers!)
The result will look like:
Value: $3 / -$1

Legend of Solgard

Value: $5.75 / $6.88
Difficulty: 1/5 (Easy)

Estimated time to complete: 24hr
Points: 3100
IAP: $2
Streamer Tip: $5


  • The game has an auto play mode. Enable it for each match.
  • The cheapest IAP is $2 worth of gems. You can wait to buy these till you complete the other quests but it’s free $3 for viewers.
  • Streamer tip doesn’t require any IAP, but it’s a $0.50 profit for streamers.