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Fri 12th Jul, 2019 8:00pm (PDT)

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The Mighty Ducks: There’s No Food In Ohio – EP81

Rating  Review  10/10 Male Gaze (When it's designed for heterosexual cisgendered male's preference) -Tiffany  6/10 BB Episode 79 References -Favalava  10/10 CGI Michael J Fox -chrisalberti123  7/10 Blue Balls -Sseichiyami  5/10 Punnet Squares -Jared  Next episode will...

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Norbit: Westworld Season 3: The Twin Truman Show – EP80

Rating  Review  7/10 Robot Jareds -Restinpeace120  7/10 Alan Rickman Ghosts -Jared  10/10 Really Good Movie Ideas About Twins And Robots -Tiffany   10/10 Pixelated scenes -chrisalberti123  10/10 Harry Potter Killing Me -AlanRickmanGhost  Next episode will be The...

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