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Fri 22nd Mar, 2019 8:00pm (PDT)

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EP71 – Troll 2: You Live Forever Until You Die

2/10 women punching people into beds -Tiffany 1/20 tittie close closeups -Juria Guria 2/10 Italian tasty hot fresh directors -respectinpeace120 10/10 monsters -chrisalberti123 6/10 "Hot" Corn Popping -Jared 1/10 hell-bound mirror ghost grandpas -codergeek42  Next...

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EP70 – Die Hard 2: Flight Club with Shooty McDuckface

10/10 Icicles in the Eye -Tiffany 2/10 Bottomless Clips -restinpeace119 3/10 Jackie Chan-Verse -Jared 10/10 Explosions -chrisalberti123 9/10 Air Traffic Technical Difficulties -codergeek42 Next episode will be Troll 2 Suggested by: restinpeace120 If you want to join...

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EP69 – Over the Top: Fancy-Boy Jacket-Boy

10/10 Desert Ghosts in the Oasis -Tiffany 10/10 Arm Wrestling Matches -Chrisalberti123 3/10 Overly Sweaty Men -Restinpeace120 4/10 Jail Fences -Jared Next episode will be Die Hard 2 If you want to join the cast or just listen to the recording of Buffer Buddies live go...

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