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Fri 22nd Feb, 2019 8:00pm (PST)

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EP73 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Zordon Ramsay

4/10 Unmatched Subtitles -respectinpeace120 10/10 Children Who Wrote About Monsters and They Came to Life -Tiffany 3/10 Red Rangers -AranyaExumai 1/10 Burnt PBJ -Favalava 10/10 Skydiving Teenagers -codergeek42 10/10 Power Rangers Suits -chrisalberti123 4/10 Unguarded...

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EP72 – Mac and Me: Every Person Is Mcdonald’d

10/10 unopened toaster strudel frosting packets -Tiffany 10/10 dried raisin people -RespectInPeace120 10/10 Elixirs of Life -Favalava 10/10 light as a feather strict as a ghost -Juria Guria 8/10 DirtJuice -Jared Next episode will be Mighty Morphin Power Rangers If you...

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EP71 – Troll 2: You Live Forever Until You Die

2/10 women punching people into beds -Tiffany 1/20 tittie close closeups -Juria Guria 2/10 Italian tasty hot fresh directors -respectinpeace120 10/10 monsters -chrisalberti123 6/10 "Hot" Corn Popping -Jared 1/10 hell-bound mirror ghost grandpas -codergeek42  Next...

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