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EP53 – Disaster Movie: Where Can I Buy the Blu-ray?

10/10 Ike Barinholtz's -johnswartzwelder10/10 harmonizing chipmunks -Totally Tiffany8/10 Cows -Just Jared Next episode will be Borat Recordings take place Fridays at 9 PM PT in our Discord: https://discord.io/udld Vote for movies on our reddit: /r/UpDownLeftDie...

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EP51: Highway To Hell: Altered Carbonated Melon Cream Soda

10/10 stop-motion claymation dogs -Tiffany3/10 Eggs frying on the sidewalk -Jared7/10 Hotglued seashell shotguns -Johnswartzwelder10/10 dysentery -Hotlava10/10 Stillers -Dimples10/10 Cops -Chris Next episode will be The Mask Recordings take place Fridays at 9 PM PT in...

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EP50: Batman Ninja – Only two colors: Bat and Monkey

Next episode will be Highway To Hell Recordings take place Fridays at 9 PM PT in our Discord: https://discord.io/udld Vote for movies on our reddit: /r/UpDownLeftDie Special thanks to Monk Turner for letting us use his song, Evaporated Eric, for our into. Produced and...

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EP49 – Pee-wee’s Big Adventure: Gotta Have My Bike!

6/10 Robotic Clowns -Jared10/10 Man Childs -johnswartzwelder10/10 Pee-Wee Herman's laughs -Chris10/10 Bikes -Lucio10/10 Large butter knives -Seichiyami6/10 horrifying claymation scenes -RestInPeace120 Next episode will be Batman Ninja Recordings take place Fridays at...

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EP48: Viva La Bam: My misbehaving son!

We had to record this during the week so it's a bit short. Hope you guys enjoy these special episodes where we mute Viva La Bam and watch the chaos unfold unexplained! 3/10 Burning chairs [email protected]/10 whhhheat -aranyaexumai10/10 Forgotten Don Vito's...

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EP47 – Liar Liar: Pants on FIRE sale

  Aw dang, the recording of A Goofy Movie got messed up! We'll come back to it someday.Enjoy Liar Liar that we recorded AFTER watching an entire movie for no reason! 6/10 Self-ass kickings [email protected] (Jared)7/10 Blue Pens -Paintingallnight 5/10 Smooshed Cakes...

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