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Fri 17th Aug, 2018 8:00pm (PDT)

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EP49 – Pee-wee’s Big Adventure: Gotta Have My Bike!

6/10 Robotic Clowns -Jared10/10 Man Childs -johnswartzwelder10/10 Pee-Wee Herman's laughs -Chris10/10 Bikes -Lucio10/10 Large butter knives -Seichiyami6/10 horrifying claymation scenes -RestInPeace120 Next episode will be Batman Ninja Recordings take place Fridays at...

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EP48: Viva La Bam: My misbehaving son!

We had to record this during the week so it's a bit short. Hope you guys enjoy these special episodes where we mute Viva La Bam and watch the chaos unfold unexplained! 3/10 Burning chairs [email protected]/10 whhhheat -aranyaexumai10/10 Forgotten Don Vito's...

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EP47 – Liar Liar: Pants on FIRE sale

  Aw dang, the recording of A Goofy Movie got messed up! We'll come back to it someday.Enjoy Liar Liar that we recorded AFTER watching an entire movie for no reason! 6/10 Self-ass kickings [email protected] (Jared)7/10 Blue Pens -Paintingallnight 5/10 Smooshed Cakes...

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EP43: Talladega Nights – Sale on Mugs on Sale

GET YOUR MUGS HERE! 8/10 car pileups -seichiyami 9/10 Julia presented Updowleftdie commercials -Paintingallnight 10/10 kids who are high off mountain dew -Juria Guria10/10 invisible fires -Jared Next episode on 3/20/18 will be 22 Jump StreetSuggested by: Tiffany...

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EP42: 21 Jump Street: We Forgot To Make A Title

I think we also forgot to rate this episode. Next episode on 3/13/18 will be Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky BobbySuggested by: MarkovChains Recordings take place Saturdays at 9 PM PT in our Discord: https://discord.io/udld Vote for movies on...

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EP41 – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: CARPE BIDET-YUM

10/10 Phone Booth Porta Potties - Juria Guria10/10 Dancing Joan of Arcadias - Totally Tiffany10/10 Rocky Johnson Penicillin Shots - johnswartzwelder 7/10 Napoleons Going Down Water Slides - Jared Next episode on 3/06/18 will be 21 Jump StreetSuggested...

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EP40 – Step Brothers: Discount One-Way Catalina Tickets

10/10 Fish Flops - Tiffany10/10 Zombie Brothers Coming Back From The Dead - Jared10/10 fake testicles - johnswartzwelder10/10 manginas - Chris Next episode on 2/27/18 will be Bill & Ted's Excellent AdventureSuggested by MarkovChains Recordings take place Saturdays at...

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