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Buffer Buddies is all about hanging out with friends!
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Big Daddy: Steve Buscemi Undercover Boss – EP83

Rating  Review  2/10  Kangaroo Songs -Tiffany  5/10  Doesn't Holdups -Favalava  1/10  Asses Wiped -Restinpeace120  10/10  Scuba Steves -Chrisalberti123  3/10  Fights Behind the Walmart -Seichiyami  1/10  Movie -Jared  Next episode will be Nacho Libre If you want to...

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Stargate: Live, Laugh, Love – EP82

Rating  Review  6/10  Ra Ra Romama -Restinpeace120  10/10  Sand Whales -Tiffany  10/10  Little Stargates -chrisalberti123  8/10  Kids Hit With Rocks -Jared  Next episode will be Big Daddy If you want to join the cast or just listen to the live recording of Buffer...

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