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Buffer Buddies

EP39 – Mom and Dad: A Hundo Chickey Nuggeys

This week we watch a B-Horror film called Mom and Dad (2018) staring Nic Cage...well don’t all films with Nic Cage in it become B-Horrors anyway? Oh well, in this episode we talk about the usual nonsense like ordering 100 chicken nuggets, Nic Cage’s full name, and...

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EP37 – The Emoji Movie: Aladdin with Ads

YOU CAN'T CANCEL REFORMATING YOUR PHONE AND GET ALL YOUR DATA BACK Next episode on 1/30/18 will be Gods of Egypt Recordings take place Saturdays at 9 PM PT in our Discord: https://discord.io/udld Vote for movies on our reddit: /r/UpDownLeftDie Special thanks to Monk...

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