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Attack On Titan Tactics Review

Attack On Titan Tactics Review

At Anime Expo 2019 I was lucky enough to be invited to test out a new mobile game. Attack On Titan Tactics coming out early fall 2019 in the US, Canada, and Australia. The game is currently out in Japan right now and has over 1 million downloads so far. The company...

Valve Index Headset : Everything We Know

Valve Index Headset : Everything We Know

The VR community has had a lot to look forward to since GDC and PAX this year, but one of the biggest announcements was Valve's entry into the VR hardware space. The Valve Index Headset is a 1st party headset tied to the SteamVR platform, will be announced on May 1st,...

The HTC Vive Lip Tracking Module Is Coming

The HTC Vive Lip Tracking Module Is Coming

HTC is one of the leading VR companies looking to innovate our immersive experiences, which is why they announced their plans to release a Lip Tracking module for their most premium headset. The Vive Pro is HTC's most expensive headset. Not a consumer product. The HTC...

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